Fast food and it’s impact on life.

Hello readers, If you have come till here, It’s either by curiosity or want to change your habits related to fast food.

This is something which concerns a lot to people, as the world is growing the less time we are getting time to eat and dine at home with good food.

Due to busy lifestyle, Fast food has become as a component in metropolitan cities.

What will looking at?

  1. What’s Fast food? It’s history.
  2. Know about fast food.
  3. What’s make fast food attractive?
  4. Pros of fast food.
  5. Effects on our body/ cons of fast food.
  6. What can be done?
  7. Conclusion.

1. What’s Fast food? It’s History

Fast food can be easily defined as processed food where it can be taken away. It’s like a quick meal where you don’t have to wait.

Fast food or fast food industry are designed for reselling of food with an aim to prioritise on speed of service.

Fast food were focused on people who commute, travellers and wages workers who didn’t have time to sit and dine.

Drive-through Restaurants popularise the concept of fast food in United States in 1951.

2. Know about fast food.

Fast food also known as junk food because fast food is just an empty calorie food which lacks micro-nutrients like Vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids.

Fast food don’t have nutrients which are needed to stay healthy. A food which is high in fat, sodium or excess sugar are considered as junk food (fast food)

3. What makes fast food attractive?

A. Time factor- As fast food is less time consuming and it’s easy to prepare. It attracts a lot of consumers.

B. Attractiveness- The packaging of such foods attracts consumers. They usually use additives to enhance the flavor and look.

C. Taste factor- This attracts a lot of consumer because it tastes good. they use to additional flavors to achieve certain taste.

D. Ads- It’s no surprise we see ads all over about fast foods with eye appealing pictures and offers.

3. Pros of fast foods.

Good for those who travel- It’s not possible to pack home food all over the place. So it’s good to those who travel.

Stable quality- Fast food outlets have certain level of standards all over the place.

No need to cook- There’s no cooking involved from your side while buying and consuming fast food . You don’t have to spend time in kitchen. You don’t have to shop for groceries as well.

Helpful in stressful days- In this busy lifestyle where work is priority you may not find time to sit and dine. Fast food helps you to just grab the food and get back to work without hassel.

4. Effects on body/ cons of fast food.

Your mental health can decline- Researcher have food that people who consume a lot of fast food or junk food can cause high risk of depression.

Risk of heart disease- Fats commonly found in fast food are made up of saturated fatty acids. This can give rise to bad cholesterol in the body.

Effects on reproductive system- Studies have found out that processed food contain phthalate. Phthalate are the chemicals, they interrupt how our hormones can act. Exposure to such chemicals in high amount can lead to reproductive issues, including birth defect.

Blood sugar spike- Fast food are filled with empty carbohydrates, which can lead to frequent insulin spike. This can offer your natural insulin response.

Headache- Eating food filled with sodium and saturated fats can increase the risk of headache.

What can be done?

As fast food can’t go away from our life so easily what can be done then? Question will arise.

Many fast food chains have updated their menus.

Go low on toppings- Adding toppings means more of sodium and unhealthy fats. Get low or healthy toppings like veggies rather than meat.

Know your food how it’s made- The way your food is made talks about how healthy it is. For example: Go for steamed or broiled instead of fried or deep-fried products.

Portion size- The portion sizes you see in restaurants and fast food joints are double size which we used to get 20 years ago, which results in consumption of extra food which we don’t need, also leading to bloating.

Look for healthier option- Always look for healthier options like have brown bread instead of white bread as brown bread has more nutritious value. You can have salads, fruits. A step towards organic food will benefit you in a long run.

You can make at home- It’s not that hard, if you have a craving or temptation you can make an effort to prepare at home.

Detox your body- If you consume fast food you need to detox your body by good food. Here’s an article which will guide you for living a healthy lifestyle and recommended healthy super foods for improving your healthy food habits.

You can imply 80-20% rule- Eat healthy food as much as possible ie: 80% and you can eat fast food occasionally ie: 20%


There’s no such things as “bad food” , but some foods shouldn’t be consumed on daily basis.

Especially fast food as it is in sodium, saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol. Eating too much over a period of time can cause in health issues like high blood pressure, heart diseases and unwanted weight gain.

The less tempting it looks the better is the food for our health.

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